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AMSAJ GROUP CHAIRMAN Mr Abdullahi Mohammed Sani with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) on Organic Agricultural Revolution (With Amsaj Organic Liquid Gel Fertilizer)

The Chairman Amsaj Group – Alh. Abdullahi Mohammed Sani and his Team in a visit to the Director General NEPC Headquarters Abuja. Amsaj group of companies is the sole distributor of Genuine Organic Liquid Gel Fertilizer in Nigeria and Africa.

In its effort to bring about Organic Agriculture Revolution and minimizes the rate at which chemicals are been consume by what we eat), Amsaj Pave a way to ensure there is an increase in Crop production for Subsistence and Commercial farming activities using AMSAJ Organic Liquid Gel fertilizers. Amsaj Products includes, Herofol denso(NKP), Herobor Liquido(UREA), Amino fulvat, Superfifty, etc.

The meeting took place on the 7th June, 2022 at the NEPC headquarters in Abuja. The DG NEPC Commend the efforts of AMSAJ GROUP for fronting the Organic Agriculture Revolution in Nigeria and Promised to ensure AMSAJ organic Gel Fertilizer is been considered as the only Genuine Organic Fertilizer with several years of track record of greater results. He added that, He added tha Amsaj should frontier the Exportation of Organic Liquid Gel Fertilizer across African Countries and across different continents.

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